Some more features in QuarkXPress 2017

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Some more features in QuarkXPress 2017

Applies to -  Mac and Win
Summary:   Some new features have been introduced in QuarkXPress 2017 such as Find/Change enhancement, Smart Dashes support, Proportional Leading, HTML5 Interactivity, HTML5 output, Save a Copy As / Downsaving.
How these features work :

1. Find/Change Enhancement: Find/Change now offers a preference on how many recent searches to keep. To disable this feature, please set the value to “0” (zero) under

Mac : QuarkXPress >> Preferences >> Open and Save

Win : Edit >> Preferences >> Open and Save


2. Smart Dashes support: New “Smart Dashes” preference is introduced to convert two consecutive hyphens into Em Dash while typing on layout. To turn this Off, go to Preferences -> Input Settings and tick the checkbox for “Smart Dashes”. The setting is "On" by default.



3. Proportional Leading: QuarkXPress now supports “proportional leading” to specify leading value in percentage (%) between -100% and 5000%. When you specify leading in percentage, the Line spacing value for each line in the paragraph will be calculated as sum of proportional leading percentage of the font size of the tallest character in each line of the paragraph plus font size of the tallest character.
Example: with 12pt size and 50% leading, if the tallest character of a line is 12pt, then the leading is going to be 18pt for the same line.
You can enable this feature by entering the leading value in Percentage under Style>> Leading on Win and on the tab "Home" >> Leading in Measurements palette.

4.HTML5 Interactivity: 360-degree interactivity now adds “Allow Interaction” control. This feature can be enabled by selecting Window >> HTML 5 >> 360 ° image.

5. HTML5 output: QuarkXPress now offer text stroking (text outline style) without need to convert text to box. Text Stroking is exported in native HTML5.


a) The feature is available to test from Measurement palette under Character (tab) attributes
b) The text stroke settings are available in Character Style Sheet definition too.
c) You can tick “No Fill” checkbox to remove the fill color for the text.
d) You can also enter Stroke Width in relative percentage to Font size. Text Stroke options on Measurement palette:

Save a Copy As / Downsaving : It has its own menu under File >> Save a Copy As / Downsave

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