Image Editing in QuarkXPress 2017

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Image Editing in QuarkXPress 2017

Feature Description:

QuarkXPress now offers image adjustments and effects through new Image Editing palette. You can apply effects on the image in non-destruction mode and you can also save images with the effects applied.
How it works:
  • QuarkXPress 2017 adds new “Image Editing” palette
  • You can select an image on the layout and apply Adjustments and Effects
  • You can Copy and Paste effects from one image to other
  • You can change the order of the effects in the palette
  • You can save image with effects by clicking on Save Image
  • You can edit multiple effects at the same time and see live preview
  • You can click on eye button to enable/disable the effect
  • You can click on eye button on Effects row to disable all the effects
  • In same palette, you can apply Transparency Blend Modes. The same can be applied from Colors palette too.

Image Editing palette:

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