How to Link/Unlink textboxes in QuarkXPress 2017 ?

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How to Link/Unlink textboxes in QuarkXPress 2017 ?

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 Mac OS and Windows Operating System

When you link boxes where just one story exists, so only one box or chain contains text,then the link tool should behave the same way as in QX2016. Also, unlinking should behave the same.If you have text boxes with two or more stories, then how the link tool allows to link these.


To Link/Unlink textboxes, follow below steps:

a. On linking with modifier Alt/Option key, the text is maintained in respective boxes. When you link two stories, the para attributes of respective stories are retained.
b. If each story is already flown into multiple boxes and if you want to merge such stories, linking with modifier key is only allowed from last box of a story to the first box of another story.
c. To use new enhancement, the box must be selected to change to advanced link mode with the modifier key.
d. On unlinking with modifier Alt/Option key, the text is maintained in their respective boxes.
e. On unlinking with modifier Shift+Option key, the box will move out of the text chain with its text.

When unlinking boxes, you can leave text in the unlinked boxes. For that you need to hold a modifier key.
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