Does QuarkXPress 2016 supports DCS format images?

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Does QuarkXPress 2016 supports DCS format images?

Applies to : QuarkXPress 2016 on Windows and Mac OS.

Background: DCS (Desktop Color Separation) is an image format that is derived from EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), and is in fact basically a collection of several EPS files. While EPS is primarily a vector format, DCS is used mostly for raster images (though it is capable of carrying vector data as well). Its use is for holding the color-separated parts of an image for sending to a press for printing. Variants exist that consist of several distinct files (with .eps, .c, .y, .m, and .k extensions, where the .eps file is the main file with a preview image and links to the other files, and the others are color-separated versions for cyan, yellow, magenta, and black), as well as a version that is in one file (containing the five files concatenated together).

Solution :

Note: DCS format is no longer supported in QuarkXPress 2016.It was supported till version 9.
  • To import a DCS format image, you need to re-save the images as .eps, .tiff, .jpeg or any other support format and then import them in QuarkXPress 2016.
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