Can we insert Cross References in QuarkXPress 2016?

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Can we insert Cross References in QuarkXPress 2016?

Applies to -
QuarkXPress 2016 
All Mac and All Win (Compatible with QuarkXPress 2016)

Summary :
QuarkXPress 2016 offers capability to insert cross-references in a layout. You can now build cross-references for Footnotes, Endnotes and Numbered items. It offers various options to build cross-references with hyperlinks, automatically inserting page numbers and special formatting of such cross-references.

QuarkXPress 2016 offers :
1. You can insert a cross-reference by invoking the Cross Reference palette from Style Menu (Style > Cross Reference > Insert Cross Reference) in content tool mode.

It support Footnotes,Endnotes and Numbered items – the palette will list these three options to select in a combo list. When you select the desired reference type, it will list all available references to create a cross-reference.

Please see an example below:

  • As shown in above example, paragraph numbers can be referenced with full context. The references can be updated if the referred content is changed.
  • Inserting a page number is one of the cross references that you can insert.
  • Choose Include above/below option to include specify the relative position of the referenced item.
  • In case of multi-level numbered items and if you choose to insert paragraph with full context, you can use “Separate numbers with” option to insert a desired character between numbers. As shown in the example above.
  • Option to “Insert as hyperlink” creates hyperlinks in the output to navigate between referred content.
  • Following menu options will allow you to synchronize the references for any updates in referred content.
Synchronize cross references:

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