QuarkXPress 2015 New Feature: Format Painter

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QuarkXPress 2015 New Feature: Format Painter

Feature Description:

QuarkXPress 2015 offers capability to pick the formats (style attributes) from selected text and apply to text elsewhere  in the document.

QuarkXPress offer:

• A new Style tool/button called Format Painter is introduced on Measurement palette that is available on Home and  Character tabs for selection. 

• How it works:

o Select text or click on text where you want to pick the formatting 

o Click on the tool first to change cursor to Format picker mode. This step will copy the formatting from selected text  already. 

o Now make a selection of target text to apply formatting. 

o The tool will have sticky behavior, so you can apply formatting as many text selections as you want. 

o You can press Esc key or click back on Format Painter 

o If the source text selection includes paragraph ending, it will apply both character and paragraph formatting to target  text selection. 

o If the source text selection has multiple character formats applied, it will only pickup formatting from the first character  from source selection.

• Keyboard shortcuts: 

For Picking the formatting:

Mac – Cmd+Option+Shift+C

Win – Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C  

To apply formatting:

Mac – Cmd+Option+Shift+A

Win – Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A

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