QuarkXPress 2015 New Feature: Fixed-layout ePub

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QuarkXPress 2015 New Feature: Fixed-layout ePub

Feature Description: 

QuarkXPress 2015 introduces support for Fixed Layout ePub creation in its eBooks layout space. QuarkXPress uses same HTML5 palette offered in App Studio to add interactivity to ePub layouts as per ePub 3.0 standard. 

Typical Use Case: 

Fixed-layout eBooks have become the choice for children’s picture eBooks and complex layout driven books like cookbooks, etc. The publisher would like to design Fixed-layout eBooks as per ePub 3 standard and export to different Fixed-layout eBooks format with optimising the export package for different device specific formats.

QuarkXPress 2015 offers designing and export to Fixed-layout ePub formats supported by Kindle and iOS devices. To convert to Kindle format, on Export settings you have to provide location for Kindlegen app provided by Amazon. 

QuarkXPress 2015 offers:

a. New eBooks Layout space. QuarkXPress 2015 introduces a new eBooks layout space replacing the legacy eBooks layouts, which had limited functionality to offer reflow ePub export.  The new layout space offers  support for designing  Fixed  Layout ePubs based on ePub 3.0 standard. The new layout space inherits App Studio capabilities that include  HTML5 support with an option to add interactivity to Fixed Layout ePubs – Audio, Video, Slideshows, Animations, 360-degree image and Buttons. 

b. New Project dialog. The new project dialog for eBooks is enhanced with option to select target devices or custom sizes. QuarkXPress 2015 offers user to save custom sizes so that they can reuse the same by selecting from new project dialog.

 New project dialog: 

Custom page sizes: 

c. Rich Layout capabilities. With new layout space to support Fixed Layout ePubs, you can use the rich design capabilities those are available to Print and App Studio layout spaces.  For example, you can create  unlimited style sheets or use style sheets from Print or App Studio layouts. Similarly, you can share other resources like Colors,  Item Styles, Foot Note styles (new), etc. across the print and eBook layouts.

Fixed Layout ePubs in QuarkXPress 2015 support East-Asian story direction and page flow from right to left and ruby characters in native HTML (whatever HTML can support for these languages). 

Also, you can use Advance image control to handle images in Fixed layout ePubs similar to print layout. Images can  be down sampled with options in ePub export.

d. Lists. QuarkXPress’s Lists capability can be used for generating table of contents (ToC) for both Fixed  Layout ePubs  and Reflow ePubs. 

e. HTML5. The New HTML5 palette in eBooks layout space offers simple and intuitive user interface to add interactive elements to Fixed Layout ePubs and reflow ePubs. Based on interactivity supported in target devices and output format (ePub and Kindle formats), these interactive elements can be excluded automatically on Export. 

Following interactivity is supported in Fixed Layout ePubs. 

i. Audio
ii. Video
iii. Slideshows
iv. Animations
v. Buttons
vi. 360-degree image 

f. Export to ePub: QuarkXPress 2015 offers following export options 

i. Layout as ePub, to export to standard ePub format for iOS devices.ii. Layout as Kindle, to export to Kindle Fire devices. 

On Export dialog it allows you to select Reflow or Fixed layout with further options to specify image resampling,  TOC,  East Asian options and Layout options. 

Export dialog: 

Export options: 

g. Reflow tagging. In QuarkXPress 2015, user can create a fixed layout ePubs and use the same layout elements  to tag for Reflow ePub. In a way user can create one layout and export to both Fixed and reflow ePubs. 

Further, Reflow tagging is allowed from Print and App Studio layouts too. You cannot export to Fixed layout ePubs from  a print layout. 

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