How to add .qxp extension if you have hundreds of legacy files to rename?

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How to add .qxp extension if you have hundreds of legacy files to rename?

You may find yourself in a situation where you need to add .qxp extension to hundreds of legacy QuarkXPress documents you own. Mac OS provides a utility/tool called “Automator”, which could be used for a variety of tasks. It is possible to add an extension or rename a file name using Automator with a single click, it can rename all files in one go.

Below are the steps to create a service in Automator to achieve this task:

1. Go to Application > Automator.
2. Choose “Service” from ‘Choose a type for your document’ window.
3. Select “files and folders” under the ‘Service receives select’ drop-down.
4. Select “Finder” under the ‘in’ drop-down.
5. Click “Files and Folders” in the left pane under Library.
6. Drag the action name “Rename Finder Items” to the right pane.
7. Select “Don’t Add” when prompted to choose.

8. You will see “Add Date or Time” action by default.
9. Select Rename from the Action menu.
10. Select “Add Text” from the ‘Add Date and Time’ drop-down.

11. Type .qxp in the Add field and select “as extension” under the next drop-down.
12. Now, go to File menu > Save As. The service gets added under its default location User> Library> Services folder.

Now, simply select a file or a group of files in a folder, do a right click and select your service name that would appear in the contextual menu and you are done.

NOTE: Please take backup of your old files before implementing this.


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