What are Drop Caps and How to apply them?

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What are Drop Caps and How to apply them?

Summary: Drop cap is a feature that allows a user to hang a character or multiple characters for two or more lines below the first line of a paragraph.


Drop Cap letter Q for 2 lines below the first line of the paragraph.

Note: To specify how many characters to use as drop caps, enter a value from 1 to 127 in the Character Count Field and to specify the number of lines the characters are dropped, enter a value from 2 to 16 in the Line Count Field as shown below:.

Steps to Use and Apply Drop Caps:

  1. Select the paragraph on which drop cap has to be applied.
  2. Drop cap can be applied using:


  • Measurement Palette:
    Go to Measurement Palette>> Paragraph>> Put a check mark on Drop Caps.


  • Style Sheets:
    Create a paragraph style sheet with Drop Caps option checked as follows.
  • Click OK.
  • Apply this style sheet to the paragraph where you need a drop cap.
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