Building an Index in QuarkXPress

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Building an Index in QuarkXPress

When you build an index, QuarkXPress compiles the list, formats it according to your specifications, and flows it into pages based on the master page you choose. Index preferences are document-specific when set with a document open.

Before building the index, create a master page with an automatic text box for your index. Next, create paragraph style sheets for the section heads and all the levels used in your index. Normally, the levels are distinguished by varying indentations.

QuarkXPress 10

  • Navigate to Windows menu, select Index and it opens the Index palette.
  • Click on Build Index option on the top right.

QuarkXPress 9

  • Navigate to Utilities, select Build Index
  • or
  • Navigate to Windows menu, select Index and it opens the Index palette.
  • Click on Build Index option on the top right.


To build an index:

  1. Click Nested or Run-in for the Format. If your index is organized with more than two levels of information, you should create a nested index. If you decide to create a run-in index, all levels of information for any entry will be listed in the same paragraph with no hierarchy.
  2. Check Replace Existing Index to overwrite the existing index.
  3. To add headings to each alphabetical section in the index, check Add Letter Headings and choose a style sheet from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose a Master Page for the index (only master pages with automatic text boxes are listed). QuarkXPress automatically adds the necessary pages to the end of the document to contain the index. If you specify a facing-page master page, a right-facing page is added first.
  5. Choose style sheets for each level of the index from the Level Styles drop-down menus. If you clicked Run-in for the Format, only the First Level drop-down menu is available (because all the levels are flowed into the same paragraph).
  6. Click OK to close the Build Index dialog box and create the index.
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