Transparency & Drop shadow in QuarkXPress 10

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Transparency & Drop shadow in QuarkXPress 10

QuarkXPress 10 lets you add depth to your layouts with transparency — a design effect where elements become partially see-through — and drop shadows, which produce a three-dimensional effect.



Transparency and Opacity


Technology that allows “see-through” colors and pictures both on-screen and in print. Features related to transparency include opacity, drop shadows, and alpha masks.


The Opacity attribute determines the degree of transparency, from 100% opaque to completely invisible. Because QuarkXPress applies opacity at the color level, you can apply a different opacity to a box’s frame, background, and picture or text — you can even apply different opacities to different characters in the same box.


QuarkXPress also supports alpha channel transparency, including transparency in Photoshop® PSD files, allowing you to make imported pictures blend smoothly into the background.


Drop Shadows


The Drop Shadow effect helps pop items off the page and produces a three-dimensional effect. You can adjust drop shadows to just the right visual effect by customizing their distance, size, color, and opacity.


Flattening Control


When you output a layout, QuarkXPress can either flatten the transparency for compatibility with PostScript® print workflows, or keep it natively transparent for modern PDF workflows and digital publishing.




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