Which image file formats are supported by QuarkXPress 10 for import?

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Which image file formats are supported by QuarkXPress 10 for import?


QuarkXPress 10 can import a wide range of image file formats such as:


  1. AI                          : Adobe Illustrator file
  2. PSD                       : Adobe Photoshop bitmap file
  3. EPS                        : Encapsulated PostScript
  4. TIFF                       : Tag Image File Format bitmap file
  5. PDF                       : Portable Document Format
  6. BMP                      : Bitmap graphic files for Windows
  7. JPG/ JPEG            : JPEG bitmap graphic file
  8. PNG                      : Portable Network Graphics bitmap graphic file
  9. GIF                        : Graphics Interchange File
  10. WMF                    : Windows Meta File


To check all other formats, please open the Import dialog box and it shows the list of formats support under the File of Type drop down.


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