Changes in Text Wrap Where No Hyphenation Is Enabled

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Changes in Text Wrap Where No Hyphenation Is Enabled

Applies to: QuarkXPress 8 — Mac OS 10.4 or later, All Windows


Problem Description: In QuarkXPress 8, I have observed some changes in the way that text is wrapped when there are no hyphenation points in my text flow. What is causing this behavior?


Background: In QuarkXPress 7.31 and earlier, text in most cases wrapped at word boundaries or hyphenation points. If none are found, for example, as in URL’s, etc., text will only wrap after last character that fits on the line in the box. This text behavior is called “Fallback Wrap.”



Solution: Prior to 8.0, QuarkXPress used Fallback Wrap for all languages. QuarkXPress 8 now uses Fallback Wrap only for languages that either support hyphenation or if the language of the text is set to None.


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