How to Use Picture Effects to Adjust Images Within QuarkXPress

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How to Use Picture Effects to Adjust Images Within QuarkXPress

To change the brightness of the image using Picture Effects, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the image to activate it and go to Window > Picture Effects.
  2. In the Picture Effects palette, click on the Adjustments or Filters button and choose the Effect you want to apply.
  3. Once you choose a Picture Effect, you will be prompted with a window that displays the various options you have for each Effect.
    Set the value that you want to apply to the image and click OK. The effect will be applied to the image.. You can preview your changes in real-time if you have Preview checked in the dialog window for each effect.

Note: Because the adjustment or filter you have made to the image is saved in the project's Picture Effects cache file, it is non-destructive, i.e., the original image pixel information will remain untouched. However, if you want to apply the changes you have made to the original pixel information in the image, you can do so by going to File > Save Picture. In addition, you have an option in the Save Picture dialog to Link the Layout to New Picture if you want to save an alternate version of the image.

To view a video on how to work with Picture Effects, click on the following link:
QuarkXPress 8: Working with Picture Effects

After you import an image into QuarkXPress, you can use the Picture Effects tool in QuarkXPress to apply Adjustments and Filters. Changes made using Picture Effects are saved with the project' and will be reflected in your output when sent to print or exported to PDF. However, any Adjustment or Filter that you apply using Picture Effects will not change your image's original pixel information unless you tell QuarkXPress to do so via the Save Picture command.

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