How to Register Your Serial Number If Online Registration Fails

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How to Register Your Serial Number If Online Registration Fails

If you cannot or are not allowed to make a direct connection to Quark Registration servers online, you can register your serial number serial number by filling out the Registration form and sending it via Email  to .


Registration Form


Company Name                                      ___________________________________


*First Name                                           ___________________________________


Middle Name                                         ___________________________________


*Last Name                                           ___________________________________


*Address                                               ___________________________________


Address Line 2                                       ___________________________________


*City                                                     ___________________________________


State/ Province                                     ___________________________________


*Zip/ Postal Code                                   ___________________________________


*Country                                                ___________________________________


*Telephone                                            ___________________________________


*Fax                                                      ___________________________________


*Email                                                   ___________________________________


Web Site                                               ___________________________________


Is Billing address and Shipping Address same:     Yes / No


Vat ID                                                   ___________________________________


 Product Information


*Product Serial No.                                 ___________________________________


Purchase Date                                       ___________________________________


*Product Version                                    ___________________________________


*Language                                             ___________________________________


*Platform                                              ___________________________________

(* indicates required field)


From where have you purchased your copy of QuarkXPress?



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