QLA-Aware QuarkXPress 8.x crashes on Mac Intel

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QLA-Aware QuarkXPress 8.x crashes on Mac Intel

When troubleshooting this problem, you should revert to running under Rosetta emulation only after all other troubleshooting methods have been exhausted. In the case reported for defect 468947, the customer had 4 virtual network adapters configured for Parallels. For this customer the Issue was resolved after disabling the virtual network adapters. If you have a customer that can only run under emulation who is not running Parallels, please obtain an Apple System Profiler report from the customer, the crash log, and any other pertinent information. Then escalate the problem to QA so that a defect can be written against this behavior


Solution 1:
Disable the multiple Parallels virtual network adapters.


Solution 2:
To run QuarkXPress 8 or 9 under Rosetta emulation: 

1.       Go to the following location in the Finder: Hard Drive\ Applications\ QuarkXPress 8.

2.       Select the QuarkXPress 8.x or 9.x application file.

3.       Press Command I while the application file is selected.

4.       In the Info dialog box, under General, select the checkbox for the option Open using Rosetta.

5.       Close the Info dialog box and re-launch QuarkXPress 8 or 9.

Solution 3:
Check out a remote license for that computer. Be aware that the naming has to be XPress8.0.dat or XPress9.0.dat, even if the QuarkXPress version is 8.01 or 9.X. If the customer is not experienced with license check out, it might be easier to do the following:
a) Run QuarkXPress in Rosetta emulation.
b) check out a license from within QuarkXPress.
c) De-activate Rosetta emulation.
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