How to Specify Master Page Changes

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How to Specify Master Page Changes

Useful for:

  • Modifying Master Page items so that changes are applied to all Layout pages based on that Master Page
  • Replacing Master Page-generated items located on Layout pages
  • Applying modified Master Pages without deleting objects on Layout pages

To keep master items that were changed:

Choose the Keep Changes radio button for the Master Page Items preference. When you choose this option, master page items that are modified on Layout pages will not be deleted. However, new master page items, including text and picture boxes, will overlay the modified items on the layout page. For example, if you modified the size of a corporate logo on a Layout page, and reapplied the master page that page was based on, you would end up with two logos on that page, one drawn directly over the top of the other.

To delete master items that were changed:

Choose the Delete Changes radio button for the Master Page Items preference. When you choose this option, both modified and unmodified master page items are deleted and replaced on the Layout page by the new master page items.

If you add or modify a master page item on a master page, the changes you make are automatically applied to Layout pages based on that master page.

Important!: If you change the item level attributes (i.e., box position on the page, height or width, background, etc.) of an object that is a master page-generated item on a layout page, those items become local, non-master page items. Changes made to the corresponding master page item will not be applied to the item on the layout page because the link between them is broken.

Depending on the settings you have made in the XPress Preferences file for Master Pages, changes you have made to items on a Layout page can either be kept or deleted. To get to the General Preferences pane, go to QuarkXPress > Preferences (Mac) or Edit > Preferences (Windows) and select the General pane under Print Layout (or Web/interactive Layout) You have the option of choosing “Keep Changes” or “Delete Changes”.

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