Error Invalid Code. Please re-enter the Validation Code

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Error "Invalid Code. Please re-enter the Validation Code"

The validation code has been entered incorrectly. There are two things to be aware of when entering the validation code:

  1. Ensure the code is entered in all upper case letters. To make this easier, use the Caps Lock key on your keyboard.
  2. Ensure correct installer for version of QuarkXPress is used.
  3. The validation code will not contain the letters 'l'(lower case L) or 'O' (letter O). It may, however, contain the numbers 1 (one) or 0 (zero). After entering the code, be sure to check it carefully to ensure it was entered correctly--even one error will cause it to be rejected.

Tip: A little-known feature of the QuarkXPress Installer is that you can copy and paste the entire validation code into the validation code entry screen. To do this, you can type the validation code into a text editing application, such as Text Edit or Notepad and save the text file. If you need to do a re-installation at a later date, all you have to do is copy the validation code from the text file, select the first field of the installation screen, and paste the entire validation code into the Validation Code Entry screen.

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