QuarkInvisibles Font Fails to Load

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QuarkInvisibles Font Fails to Load

The QuarkIinvisibles font is installed during the QuarkXPress 7 & 8 installations. It is used to display custom (invisible) special characters, such as the em space and flex space, when View  >  Invisibles (Command-I) is selected. In this case the QuarkInvisibles font is installed but does not load when QuarkXPress is launched. The failure in this case is due to a Permissions/Privileges issue for the QuarkXPress Fonts folder.

Give Read & Write access to Everyone on the Fonts folder at the following locations:

  • For Mac: 
    Hard Drive:Applications:QuarkXPress 8:Required Components:Fonts.


  • For Windows:
    C:\Program Files\Quark\QuarkXPress 8\Required Components\Fonts
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