How to Create QuarkXPress Projects and Print Layouts

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How to Create QuarkXPress Projects and Print Layouts

Useful for:

  • Understanding the difference between projects and layouts in QuarkXPress
  • Naming and saving QuarkXPress projects
  • Naming and saving QuarkXPress layouts
  • Working in a layout
  • Printing a layout


  1. When you first launch QuarkXPress, go to the File menu and choose New > Project. If you are on a Mac, you could also click Project in the Create pane of the Welcome Screen (this screen displays when QuarkXPress is ready for you to work in a project).
    Note: When you go to the File menu, you will see that you can also create a new Project from Ticket, a new Library, or a new Book. These features are covered in other articles.
  2. When you click Project in the Welcome Screen or choose it from the File menu, you are presented with the New Project dialog box in which you can define your new project settings. The first task is to name the layout. For our example, name this layout 'Letterhead'.
  3. Choose Print in the Layout Type drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the other values you want to apply to this Print layout in the New Project dialog. If you only want to have a single layout in your project, select the Single Layout Mode checkbox.
  5. Click OK. This will display the project window, and you can begin working in the layout.
  6. Go to the File menu and choose Save. This will open the Save dialog box. This is where you name and save the project in your file system. After you have saved the project, the name before the colon in the title bar is the saved Project name, and the name after the colon is the Layout name.

More information:
Training videos for QuarkXPress 8 are available from VTC at the following location:

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