How to Select Objects Layered Behind Other Objects

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How to Select Objects Layered Behind Other Objects

To select an object that is layered behind another object, use the following keystroke combinations when you click on the objects. If you have several objects layered behind one another, click until the object you want to work on is active.

For Macintosh: Press (Command option shift) and click on the item.

For Windows: Press (Ctrl Alt 䨘) and click on the item.

Additional Notes:
When you are working with objects that occur on different layers, QuarkXPress uses the same mechanism to select objects lying behind other objects as if they were all on the same layer. For example, suppose there are two layers in a QuarkXPress layout: Layer 1 and Layer 2. Layer 2 is above Layer 1 and is locked. The object in Layer 2 is completely covers the object on Layer 1. In QuarkXPress 7.5, you can use the Command-Option-Shift method to select and move the background object in Layer 1 when you have the Item tool selected. In QuarkXPress 8, users do not have to press any key combination to select & move the object in lower layer.
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