How to Access Special Characters on Windows

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How to Access Special Characters on Windows

Some font characters, such as the copyright and trademark symbols, can't be typed in directly from the keyboard. QuarkXPress® and the Windows operating system provide other methods for placing these characters in your documents.

Many of the most commonly used special characters can be placed in your layout by using keyboard commands in QuarkXPress. The table below shows these characters, and the keyboard commands for entering them.







Alt Shift R



Alt Shift 2



Alt Shift C



Alt Shift 6


Alt Shift 7



Alt Shift T



Alt Shift 8

Open Double Quotation Mark


Alt Shift [

Close Double Quotation Mark


Alt Shift ]

Open Single Quotation Mark


Alt [

Close Single Quotation Mark


Alt ]




















A utility program called Character Map (“charmap.exe”) is normally installed with Windows and gives you two ways to access all the special characters in a font. You can launch Character Map from the Start Menu:


Start > Programs > Accessories > Character Map
Start >Run… > enter “charmap”, then press Enter or click OK


When you launch Character Map, you will see a grid display of all the characters in a given font. Choose the font you are working in and select the character you need by clicking on it. This character can then be copied to the Windows Clipboard and pasted into the text of your QuarkXPress layout. The ANSI value for each character will be shown in the lower right corner of the Character Map window. This value can be used to enter a character directly into text by pressing the Alt key while entering the number in the numeric keypad. (You must use the numeric keypad. Num Lock must be on and leading zeros must be entered where needed, for example, Alt 0157).


Tip: In addition to the method described above, in QuarkXPress 7 & 8 you can view and enter all these glyphs through the Glyphs palette (Windows > Glyphs) when in QuarkXPress.

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