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Is the activation code the same thing as the Installation code? What are all these codes?

After you install QuarkXPress® with a valid validation code, you must activate the software.


Activation is a process that authorizes QuarkXPress to run indefinitely on the computer on which it was installed. During activation, an installation key is generated and sent to Quark. This installation key contains a representation of your hardware configuration. Quark uses the installation key to generate and return an activation key, which is used to activate your copy of QuarkXPress.

 License activation addresses the increasing problem of software piracy, specifically the unauthorized sharing of software through casual copying.



 Retrieve you license codes


There are three codes associated with a single-user license of QuarkXPress® software :

Validation code

A validation code is a set of alpha-numeric code that is required during QuarkXPress® installation process. It is printed on the installation card or the invoice that comes with your QuarkXPress® software.

 The validation code is associated with the software's unique serial number. It works with the serial number to verify that you have purchased your software from a legitimate source. The QuarkXPress® installer will not install the software if the validation code is not correct.


Installation code

When you enter the validation code, a unique installation code is created and transmitted to Quark. The installation code represents your unique computer configuration. The installation code protects your privacy because it does not contain, collect, or transmit any personal information about you or your computer. The installation code is used to generate an activation code.


Note: Installation code is a 47-digit number.  To find the Installation code, launch QuarkXPress® and navigate to the activation screen. Choose to activate over the telephone and click Activate QuarkXPress®. The installation code is displayed on the next screen.


Activation code

The activation code enables, or activates, QuarkXPress® for normal use. Internet activation transmits the installation code to Quark, and returns an activation code to your computer. The activation addresses the increasing problem of software piracy, specifically the unauthorized sharing of software through casual copying.


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