How to create Custom Content Variable ?

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How to create Custom Content Variable ?

A content variable is an item you insert in your document that varies according to the context. For example, the Last Page Number variable displays the number of
the last page of the document. If you add or remove pages, the variable is updated accordingly.

Applies to - QuarkXPress 2016 (Mac and Win)

Usage of Custom Variables :
Custom variables are great if you want to use text content somewhere within a text story and the same content in a different story or at a different place. When you change the content of the custom variable, it is changed everywhere where used.

Steps to create Custom Content Variables :
1. Place the insertion point where you want the variable to appear.
2. Select Utilities > Content Variable and choose New from the drop-down menu.The Edit Content Variable dialog displays.
3. Enter a name in the Name field.
4. Choose Custom Variable from the Type drop-down menu.

5. You can choose to insert a Text String or a Text Variable when using this custom content variable.
• If creating a custom variable that inserts a text string, type in the text you want
  to appear when inserting this content variable. Click the plus symbol to add more
  lines to the text.
• If creating a custom variable that inserts a text variable, select the text variable
  you want from the drop-down menu. You can combine 2 or more text variables
  by clicking the plus symbol to add another.

6. Click OK.After you have added a custom content variable, it will be listed in the Utilities > Content Variable drop-down menu and also in the Content Variables palette (Window > Content Variables). The new variable will be available when you attempt to insert a content variable into the text.

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